The first song from the film, I’m Done With You:


“I’m Done With You” is a song written and performed by Julie Hinton with an accompaniment track by Michael Turnblom.

Whisper opens with one of Claire’s concerts (the lead singer of a successful band). The scene begins with an energetic performance of “I’m Done With You,” a powerful break-up anthem about the joy and relief of defying your tormentors and moving confidently into a new life.

Other songs have been written for the film and plans are in the works to record them!


Julie Hinton is a multi-faceted actor, musician and all around Renaissance Woman.  She resides in Los Angeles and has extensive live singing experience in soloist, choral and church settings in addition to leading roles in many musical theater productions.  She has recorded solo tracks in many genres and lent her voice to film soundtracks and a bevy of trailer music libraries.  

You can learn more about her, hear some of her other work and see music videos at  Her videos can also be found on YouTube.

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